Section 1. General Park Rules:

A. Hours of Operation
(1) The normal hours of operation shall be from dawn to dusk.
(2) Appropriate arrangements may be made through the Town Council for use of the facilities during times other than normal hours.

It shall be required that any child under five (5) years of age must be under the direct supervision of an adult or other parental delegate for the responsible care and well being of that child.

C. Special Permits for park use:
(1)A permit is issued for all reservations of park facilities and must be shown upon request. Permits may be obtained through the Town Council.
(2)A reservation will not hold a playing field longer than thirty (30) minutes past the time stated on the permit.
(3) Permission must be granted for special activities involving the use of bicycles or motorized vehicles within the park.
(4)The Town reserves the right to assess a charge for the issuance of any park permits.

D. The following activities are prohibited :
(1). Littering
(2) Alcoholic beverages or drugs
(3) Possession of a weapon
(4) Vehicular maintenance or repair
(5). Threatening, indecent language or conduct
(6) Destruction of park facilities, equipment or vegetation
(7). Dogs or other pets running loose
(8). Advertising or soliciting
(9). Bicycles or motorized vehicles without permission

Section 2. Sanctions

For violation of any of these rules set forth in this Ordinance, the offending person(s) may be barred from future use of the Kenton Municipal Park and its facilities.