A brief history of the Town of Kenton, Delaware.

Welcome to the enchanting history of the Town of Kenton, Delaware. Our story unfolds from the mid-18th century, where the roots of this community were sown, eventually blossoming into the vibrant town we know today.

18th Century Origins:
The town’s genesis can be traced back to the mid-18th century when the increased travel between Dover and the head of the Chester River sparked the establishment of a Public House. This humble beginning served as a crucial pitstop, catering to the needs of travelers and laying the foundation for what would become the thriving community of Kenton.

Grog-Town and Lewis’ Crossroads:
Initially known by the intriguing names of Grog-Town and Lewis’ Crossroads, the village underwent a transformative period of growth. The burgeoning commerce, fueled by the increasing number of settlers, marked a significant turning point in the town’s history.

Formal Naming – Kenton in 1806:
In 1806, the village was officially named Kenton, a tribute to its historical journey and the community that had taken root. The moniker reflected the essence of the town and its evolving identity.

Post Office Era (1857):
The year 1857 witnessed another milestone with the establishment of a post office in Kenton. This development not only enhanced local communication but also solidified Kenton’s status as a hub for connectivity and community engagement.

Railroad Revolution (Post-Civil War):
Following the tumultuous period of the Civil War, the arrival of the Maryland and Delaware Railroad in Kenton marked a significant chapter in its history. The town quickly transformed into a crucial shipping point for local goods and products, propelling it into the forefront of regional commerce.

Thriving Businesses and Population Growth (1880s):
By the 1880s, Kenton had blossomed into a vibrant community, boasting a population of 300 residents and a plethora of thriving businesses. The town’s economic vitality and cultural richness were evident, establishing Kenton as a beacon of prosperity.

Incorporation – April 22, 1887:
The culmination of Kenton’s journey occurred on April 22, 1887, when the Town of Kenton received formal incorporation by the Delaware General Assembly. This momentous event symbolized the collective identity and aspirations of the community, solidifying Kenton as an integral part of Delaware’s landscape.

As we navigate through time, the history of Kenton continues to shape its present and future. The indomitable spirit of its founders, the resilience of its residents, and the vibrant tapestry of its past all contribute to the unique charm that defines the Town of Kenton today. Join us in celebrating this rich history, where every street echoes with the whispers of the past and every building tells a tale of growth, community, and progress.