Elected official

We believe in transparency and open communication, and that’s why we are proud to introduce you to the dedicated individuals who serve as your elected officials in the Town of Kenton. Our town thrives on the collaborative efforts of these passionate leaders who work tirelessly to make Kenton a better place for all its residents.

Mayor / Council – William T. Nicholson

As the Mayor and Council member, William T. Nicholson is at the forefront of steering Kenton towards progress. With a deep commitment to community development, Mayor Nicholson brings a wealth of experience and a vision for a vibrant and inclusive town.

Vice Mayor / Council – Walter Knotts

Walter Knotts, serving as the Vice Mayor and Council member, plays a crucial role in supporting the Mayor’s initiatives and contributing to the overall governance of Kenton. His dedication to the community is evident in his advocacy for projects that enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Treasurer / Council – William E. Carlisle

Ensuring financial stability and responsible fiscal management, William E. Carlisle serves as the Treasurer and Council member. With a keen eye for budgeting and financial planning, he contributes to the economic well-being of Kenton, fostering an environment of sustainability.

Secretary / Council – Sheryl Paquette

Sheryl Paquette, our Secretary and Council member, brings organizational prowess and attention to detail to the council. Her role is instrumental in maintaining records, facilitating communication, and supporting the administrative functions that keep Kenton running smoothly.

Council – Lloyd Roddy

Lloyd Roddy, as a dedicated Council member, brings a diverse perspective to the decision-making process. His commitment to representing the interests of Kenton’s residents is reflected in his active participation in council discussions and community initiatives.

Contacting Your Elected Officials

We encourage open communication between our officials and the community. If you would like to reach out to any of Kenton’s town officials, please use the provided email links next to their names. Your feedback, concerns, and ideas are essential in shaping the future of Kenton, and our officials are here to listen.

Mayor / Council – William T. Nicholson: Email Mayor Nicholson

Vice Mayor / Council – Walter Knotts: Email Vice Mayor Knotts

Treasurer / Council – William E. Carlisle: Email Treasurer Carlisle

Secretary / Council – Sheryl Paquette: Email Secretary Paquette

Council – Lloyd Roddy: Email Council Roddy

Your elected officials are here to serve you and contribute to the continued success of Kenton. We value your input and look forward to building a thriving community together. Thank you for being an integral part of the Town of Kenton.