Section 1.

It shall be unlawful for any person to have in his possession, carry or use, a revolver or pistol of any description, a shotgun or rifle which may be used for the explosion of bullets and cartridges, or any air gun, B-B gun, gas-operated gun or spring operated gun, or any instrument, toy or weapon commonly known as a peashooter, slingshot, or beanie, or any bow made for the purpose of throwing or projecting missiles of any kind by any means whatsoever, or any knife, whether that instrument is called by any name set forth above or by any other name.

Section 2.

The weapons prohibited in Section 1. shall be permitted upon the grant of a license thereof, if required, in the following situations:

(a) Possession within the possessors own domicile or business.

(b) Possession, carrying or use in conformity with a license issued by the State of Delaware for that weapon.

(c) Possession or use at licensed shooting galleries or ranges when the instrument can be fired, discharged or operated in a manner that shall not endanger persons or property, and also in a manner that shall prevent the projectile from traversing any ground or space outside the limits of the gallery or range.

(d) Carrying of any type of gun whatsoever when unloaded and properly cased, to or from any licensed gallery or range or to or from any area where hunting is allowed by law. This provision shall not limit the permitted carrying of guns allowed by Section 2 (e).

(e) Carrying, wearing, possessing and using by United States marshals, sheriffs, constables and their deputies, and any regular, special or ex-officio policeman, or any other law enforcement officer while on duty, or as shall be necessary in the proper discharge of their duties.

(f) Possession, carrying or use in conformity with a license issued by the State for that purpose in areas approved by the Town Council or chief of police, and only then when used in such a manner that shall not endanger persons or property.

(g) Persons exercising their legal right of self defense or defense of property or others.

Section 3.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance and upon conviction thereof shall forfeit and pay a fine not less than Twenty Five ($25.00) dollars and costs nor more than One Hundred ($100.00) dollars and costs.