ARTICLE II / TITLE 6: Upholding Civic Order – Maintaining a Disorderly House Ordinance

Welcome to Article II of Title 6 of the Town of Kenton’s ordinances, an ordinance designed to maintain the peace and tranquility within our community by addressing disorderly houses. Let’s explore the detailed provisions of this ordinance:

Section 1: Offense of Maintaining a Disorderly House

In this section, the ordinance delineates specific actions that are considered offenses when conducted within the limits of the Town of Kenton. The focus is on the owner, tenant, or occupant of any house, room, building, yard, or premises. Offenses include:

  • Use of Premises: Any use of a house, room, building, yard, or premises that causes annoyance to nearby occupants.
  • Allowing Disorderly Conduct: Permitting brawls, quarrels, obscene, threatening, or profane language within the designated area.
  • Allowing Intoxication: Allowing any intoxicated person, whether by alcohol or drugs, to be present in a manner that annoys nearby occupants.
  • Allowing Illegal Activities: Permitting or allowing any gambling or prostitution activities within the confines of the Town of Kenton.

Penalties for Maintaining a Disorderly House Offense

Individuals found guilty of maintaining a disorderly house within the Town of Kenton will face the following penalties:

  • Monetary Fine: The convicted party may be required to pay a fine, with the maximum amount set at One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars. This financial penalty serves as a deterrent against engaging in disorderly behavior within the community.
  • Community Service: Alternatively, the court may mandate community service as prescribed by the Town of Kenton Council or their designate. The range of community service hours is set at a minimum of ten hours. This reinforces the town’s commitment to community welfare and collective responsibility.

The court retains the discretion to impose either the fine, community service, or a combination of both based on the circumstances of the case.

In conclusion, Article II of Title 6 provides a comprehensive framework for addressing disorderly houses within the Town of Kenton. By outlining specific actions that constitute offenses and prescribing appropriate penalties, this ordinance underscores the town’s dedication to fostering a safe and harmonious living environment for all residents.