ARTICLE II / TITLE 3: Night Prowling Ordinance

Welcome to Article II of Title 3 of the Town of Kenton’s ordinances, specifically addressing the issue of night prowling. This ordinance aims to ensure the safety and security of our community during nighttime hours. Let’s delve into the details of each section:

Section 1: Offense of Night Prowling

In this section, the ordinance explicitly states that any individual found prowling at night in alleys, on private property, or on the rooftops of buildings shall be deemed guilty of night prowling. This provision underscores the town’s commitment to maintaining a secure and peaceful environment for its residents.

Section 2: Definitions

To provide clarity and precision, Section 2 outlines key definitions relevant to the interpretation of the ordinance:

(a) “Prowls”

Defined as the act of moving about stealthily, furtively, or secretly. This definition emphasizes the clandestine nature of the prohibited activity.

(b) “Night”

For the purposes of this title only, “night” is defined to be the period between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. This definition establishes a clear timeframe during which the ordinance is applicable.

Section 3: Penalties for Night Prowling Offense

This section outlines the consequences for those found guilty of the offense of night prowling:

  • Monetary Fine: Individuals found guilty will be subject to a fine, with the minimum amount set at Ten ($10.00) Dollars and the maximum at One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars. This monetary penalty serves as a deterrent against engaging in prohibited activities.
  • Community Service: In addition to fines, individuals may be required to perform community service as prescribed by the Kenton Town Council or their designate. The range of community service hours is set between a minimum of five hours and a maximum of twenty hours. This aspect of the penalty emphasizes the town’s commitment to community welfare and involvement.

Failure to comply with imposed fines may result in the enforcement of community service as an alternative consequence.

In conclusion, Article II of Title 3 provides a clear framework for addressing and deterring night prowling within the Town of Kenton. By defining key terms and outlining specific penalties, this ordinance seeks to uphold the safety and well-being of the community during nighttime hours.